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As educational occupational therapists, we realized that there are many hurdles to jump over when trying to make change.
We felt it was necessary to shift the mindset towards a new culture of how occupational therapists can help on a larger scale by integrating movement and mindfulness to increase academic performance, life productivity, and emotional regularity throughout a lifespan

Hi, We are Danielle and My.  Together, we are mindfulness in mOTion!

Follow along on our journey as we set out to shift the mindset of the masses to do what is best for kids and promote a life filled with exploration, mindfulness, and movement!

Our Story

We are two educational occupational therapists that met by chance and became friends by choice.  We both believed we could do more and wanted to help create a more inclusive world.  

Our Values & Beliefs


We believe in a world filled with compassion, kindness, and empathy.  These values are the foundation of our company and embeded into our practices.

Movement and Mindfulness

When you are active, moving, and being mindful, you are giving your body and brain the most optimal chance for success with any task you engage in.


We are life-long learners with a mission to change the mindset of the masses with an all-inclusive mindset, collaborating with others, and educating with mindulness.

Featured Publications

Presentations & Podcasts

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